Who am I?

Hi Everyone!!

I finally decided to open a blog to share my stories… I love to talk and share my experiences, but sometimes is hard to reach everyone.. So I thought this might be a good way to share my life according ME.

If you don’t know me, my name is Francis Cristina Montes de Oca Lozada “de Bakos”. I am originally from Stillwater – OK, but I grew up in Barquisimeto – Venezuela. “La ciudad musical de Venezuela”. I have lived half of my life, or maybe more than half, in United State in different place: Stillwater, Miami, San Antonio, Boston, Stamford/CT and NYC. I have a huge Latino family. My mom is 1 of 13 and my dad 1 of 10. So our extended family is over 100 people. Interesting fact: I don’t think I’ve never ran an errand by myself in Venezuela.

I love traveling, learning about cultures, meeting people, and doing Yoga…Yoga is not a passion is a journey that I take very serious. It helps me connect with myself and be aware of all the beautiful things life has to offer.

Recently I became Francesca’s Mom and it has been a journey by itself that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

My family:

I currently live in Santo Domingo-DR/Miami  and I am so excited to share what my life is going to take me next. I am sure it has to be with a lot of beach, sun and relaxation!

Bienvenidos a mis perspectiva de la vida 🙂 

PS. This blog is bilingual too and I will write in both languages, depending on how I feel the day I write  it.

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