Orgullo Venezolano…SJVSB

A week ago, I was meeting my friend Isabella for a coffee around “El Teatro Colon” since she was in Buenos Aires with “La Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar”. To my surprise she invited me to the concert. The first thing it came up in my mind was that I was not appropriately dressed to go to a concert. Then when I found out the director was Gustavo Dudamel, there was not doubt in my mind that I had to stay and forget about my appearance. It was all about enjoying a good concert from a great director. By the way he is from Barquisimeto and when I read through his Bios I was so excited to see my University “Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado” in the brochure. Not many people have heard my university so the fact that it was in his Bios for a recognition he got made me proud.

First of all, the Colon theater was amazingly beautiful. I have never been in a theater like that before. I researched later when I got home. It is one of the best theaters in the world and recognized for its acoustics. It is also over 100 years old and it is so artistically constructed that you feel like you traveled back 100 years ago. Furthermore, our seats were on the second floor balcony with an amazing view of the stage. Lastly, Dudamel did not disappoint me. I have never seen him live and the experience was everything I expected and more.

He really brings a lot of passion, energy and a personal touch to classical music. The extra songs he did were the best. I know one was Mambo which definitely made everyone in the mood to want more and more. Everyone stood up and was applauding. There were Venezuelan flags all over the theater and I just felt at home.

I am illiterate when it comes to music so for me the music is to make my soul happy and that was how I felt through out and after the concert.  I had chill all over my body and after 2.5 hours I definitely wanted to stay longer. I wonder what everyone in the orchestra felt like?

Right after the concert finished, I ask my friend if I could meet Gustavo. Her answer was “the gift would not be complete if you don’t take a picture with him”. I was in a cloud of happiness. On my way to meet him everyone was saying how great the concert was and I even heard someone said that he has never seen something like this in the Colon theater for a long time. I still can’t believe I was part of it. Also, I took the best photo ever ( Thanks to the photographer: Isabella)

After the concert, I was so inspired and proud to be Venezuelan and Barquisimetana. I can tell Gustavo Dudamel loves what he does and it is like a magnetism. I felt it right away when I was close to him and even when I was far away the stage. I heard this many many times but is so true:  when you love what you do everything will follow.

Congratulation to Gustavo Dudamel and La Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar for a great evening and concert. Also, I want to thank Isabella for the wonderful time and opportunity to experience this!!!

Our wonderful seats

One response to “Orgullo Venezolano…SJVSB”

  1. gracias amigaaa!! por haber compartido tu historia con la Bolívar en el Teatro Colón!!!! espero que nos acompañes en otra oportunidad!!! te quiero!!!

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