If you can dream it, You can do it!

Last week, we got a question from our internship program manager: What have you done lately that is completely atypical for you? What will you do to reinvent yourself?

I stared at the question like for 10 min thinking about it because I never thought about what I am doing was reinventing myself but it is the right term. This was the answer I posted in our internal blog:

New YorkLeaving my job after 6 years and moving to an internship program has been part of my plan to reinvent myself but yet a very atypical of me. For those who don’t know me, I like measurable risk and the fact that you don’t know what could come next is scary but in a good way.

It started right after graduating from the GE leadership program in 2007. I was wondering where my career and my life wanted to go. In the meantime I got a job with NBC working supporting telenovelas at Telemundo on the operation and technology side.

In this job, I started to get more exposure to advertising, product placement, sponsorship and how to engage with our audience.  I was hook!. Giving my background in computer science and the competitive world we live, I decided three years ago to take a master in Integrating Marketing with a concentration in Digital at NYU as a part-time.  I just graduated last May and it has been a very rewarding experience and it is with no doubt where I want to move forward in my career.


Every step that takes me closer to my goal, It is an opportunity to experience something new and continue learning. At the end, it makes me who I am and how I view things with different perspective which I incorporate in my work and day to day life.

One of my I friend wrote this in his blog and it stuck with me: “If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney. I think is totally true specially when you add passion and determination to it…

2 responses to “If you can dream it, You can do it!”

  1. Triple Threat Mommy Avatar
    Triple Threat Mommy

    I love that you are blogging and more importantly, took a RISK!! So amazing!!! You are learning something new that will benefit your career going forward. The NYU crew back home is extremely proud of you!!

    1. Thanks Pam :)… Lets talk once I am back

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