Biking Around San Francisco

IMG_0121We came to San Francisco to visit my brother and sister in law. It was Daniel’s first time in San Francisco. Even though I have come a couple of times, I have never biked the golden bridge and it was in my todo list.

On a grey morning on May 27th 2015, we decided to bike the golden bridge. It was around 13 C ( a little to cold for my taste). Daniel used Jose’s bike and I rented a bike. Angie gave us the ride in the morning around 10 am. We went to blazing saddle to rent my bike which was at 2715 Hyde Street (between North Point and Beach Streets) in Fisherman’s Wharf.

We did the following route:  Biked the bridge to Sausalito and then we went back in the ferry. We were supposed to go to Tiburon, but it was already late and we wanted to take it slow and enjoy the moment. Even though it was around 8 miles, when you haven’t ride in a long time, it is like 20 miles. I believe to Tiburon was 22 miles!!

We started really pump but when we got to the hills, it was game over for me. At one point, I got off the bike and just walked. I only did that in the last hill before getting to the bridge. I do have to say that the landscape and views were espectacular. We kept stopping every once in a while to just breathe and enjoy what we had in front of us.

Once we were in the bridge, it was amazing!

After we crossed the bridge we went to the Vista Point and took some photos and rest for a bit.  We had a quick snack some water and started biking to Sausalito. The amazing thing that happened, is once we started to bike to Sausalito, all the clouds went away and the beautiful sun came out.


Once we got to Sausalito, we went to eat at a burger join in town: Napa Valley burger company. Honestly it couldn’t has gone better: Burger + Wine (perfect combination). It was delicious and we definitely recommend it!

We walked around the town and biked a little more. We took the ferry back at 4:30pm to Pier 39 which was far from our drop off location. We just biked back and got pick up by our sister in law at around 6:00pm.

It is definitely a MUST DO if you are in San Francisco! 


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