Our very special day – Part I


On November 27th 2015 at around 6:30pm, we said “I DO” to each other…


For me was a dream come true! Every single detail we had was made with a lot of thoughts and love.

Our color: Tiffany blue, white and orange

Welcome kit: Included Advil, Pepto-Bismol, Lip balm, sunscreen, Life Savers mint, Dominican Chocolate (Kah-Kow) and our wedding schedule. Our Wedding schedule was designed by: Thiiismuch


The Ceremony

  1. Dress: I bought my dress with my sister. I went to visit her for a weekend in Miami and we went to a couple of store in Coral Gable. I never thought, I would get my dress in David’s bridal but when I tried this Melissa Sweet dress, I fall in love with it!
  2. Dress Hanger: It was a very special gift from a friend. The designer is from Venezuela. Check out her IG account: Chavelita_ve.
  3. Sandal: It was a beach wedding ceremony! I wanted to be barefoot and I found this amazing sandals in etsy. Link
  4. Wedding Sign: Big kudos to my sister-in-law Cynthia. After I sent her so many inspirations from Pinterest. She captured exactly want we wanted. The frame was from Ikea. Her etsy store where you can order: Thiiismuch
  5. Bouquet: I was looking for that special bouquet. I spent many hours searching on the internet and I finally landed what I wanted. Even thought I didn’t get my ribbon in Tiffany blue, it was stunning. Inspiration: Link.
  6. Flower Girl Dress: I found it searching in Pinterest. Link to the Etsy store.
  7. Lola’s Tutu: My beautiful flower dog. Got it at Etsy link.
  8. Ring Bear: My inspiration was from Pinterest. Link. His clothes were from the Gap and the bow tie from the Etsy store link.
  9. Chair Hanger Decoration: I got my inspiration from Pinterest link. My sister in law Angie made it for us. They were exactly how I pictured them. We got all the materials at a local store in San Francisco and we didn’t spend more than $40 and made around 12 of them.
  10. Program Fan: My sister-in-law Cynthia designed it for us and Daniel and I put them together. Etsy store where you can order them: Thiiismuch
  11. Bubble and Bells for the end of the ceremony: I ordered them at amazon.
  12. Sand Ceremony: I ordered them at The knot and made them personalized. Our friend Valentina, who introduced us, did the ceremony for us.
  13. Ring Pillow and Flower basket: It was done locally in Barquisimeto – Venezuela where I am from. My mom brought them.
  14. Rings: We got them at Blue Nile.
  15. Vows: We decided to exchange our vows, it was a very special moment. One of my favorite one!
  16. Music:
    1. Groom Entrance: Chasing cars – Snow Patrol (Instrumental)
    2. Bride Entrance: A thousand Years – Christina Perri (Piano Version) 
    3. End of the Ceremony: Cheerleader – OMI

Pinterest Account where I saved all my inspiration for my wedding.

Result: Happy married couple!IMG_1462You can also see a small video that I did!

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