My Wedding Part II

Our wedding was everything I could ask for! Daniel has been an incredible support. He has show me that love exist and despite my unsuccessful relationship in the past, I have always believe in love. I am so grateful to have him in my life and this is just a small sneak peak of what the second part of our day looked like.

Bellow are some items we got for our wedding. Some of our decoration was standard from the hotel with few upgrades. In order to personalized it a bit more, we ordered or did a couple of things to add to the decoration.

The Reception

  1. Wedding Song:
    1. All of me – John Legend (1:38)
    2. Vivir mi vida – Marc Anthony
  2. Parents song: Groom and Mother & Bride and Father
    1. Bachata Rosa – Juan Luis Guerra
  3.  Cake – Cake Studio Barvaro
    1. Wedding figure from Thiiistomuch
    2. Initials “F & D” from Maderacreativard
    3. Cake serving set engraved with our initials from The knotFranklin 305
  4. Wedding favors: I got my inspiration from Pinterest (Link).My sister in law did the design on the stickers and we got the mason jar and coffee beans from Dominican Republic.
  5. Sweet Table: We got candies that matched our decoration and order a couple of Jars. Some inspiration link.
  6. Napkins. I ordered from The knot
  7. Cup Cake toppers “Just Married”. I ordered from the following store in Etsy: Unify Handmade
  8. Guestbook. I created it with Iphoto from apple. It was a total hit!
  9. We also had little notes for people to leave us marriage advice. We are planning to read a couple every year in our anniversary. The designs from the paper was from Thiiistomuch
  10. Message board from Thiiistomuch

Hora Loca

For our “Crazy Hour” we picked  “The 80’s” theme because we just love the 80’s and it was the music that we grow up with.

We had: Wigs, Guitars, Microphone, Cell phone, Boom box, neon shade and hat, net glove,  and tons of energy to rock and roll.

Some of the songs we pick for our “Hora Loca”:

    • Musica Ligera Soda Stereo
    • Ilarie -Xuxa
    • Marta tiene un Marcapaso – Hombre G
    • El Meneiaito – General
    • La Bomba – King Africa
    • La Mayonesa – Chocolate
    • La Macarena – Los del Rio
    • Asereje – Ketchup
    • Vamos pa’ la conga – Ricardo Montaner
    • YMCA – Village People
    • Culiquitaca – Toño Rosario
    • Follow the leader – Soca Boys
    • Celebration – Kool & The Gang
    • Carrapicho – Chiki Chiki Ta
    • Magalenha- Sergio Mendes
    • El Santo Cachon – los embajadores del vallenato
    • Parate y Mira – Los Pericos
    • Martillo – Caramelo de Cianuro

We could not finish our wedding without two classic songs:

VIVA VENEZUELA – Un solo Pueblo


PS. The video was edited by me. I got some cuts from our professional videos and my brothers gopro’s videos.

2 responses to “My Wedding Part II”

  1. Great overview! It was a great celebration… Hope my upcoming one lives up this one.. 0=)

    1. Of course it will be! The most important ingredient is LOVE<3

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