Elongación – El cuerpo solo conoce máximos… Limite es un termino que no le pertenece!

Yoga fulfills my soul and mind and it clears my thoughts especially after a hectic day.  Like my teacher says “yoga is a journey” which I am ready to take the challenge everyday.

I went on my search to find a yoga studio in Buenos Aires but I was not that successful.  I am not sure whether I was spoiled with the studio in NYC (www.pureyoga.com) which is so beautiful and neat, but I couldn’t find something that made me feel Zen which for me is very important for my practice.  I still went to a couple of studios and gave it try with no success.  Also, I have to mention that the fact that it was cold and I didn’t have a car limited my search radius.

After a month of looking around, my friend Patricia from Colombia told me about “Elongación”.  I had no idea what it was or what to expect but I went to the website (http://www.dynathos.com/historia.html) and it seems like combination of Yoga but focusing on stretching my muscles.  I went to try it out with her on a Saturday afternoon after a day of shopping for boots with Cecilia.

It was an intensive class of 90 min at Thames.  Basically the intensive class covers all your muscles whereas the regular classes are 75 min focusing on different muscle everyday.  I was hooked from the moment I walked in.  I loved the welcoming environment, the staff, the professor and the flow of the class.  I signed up right away for a package of twice a week.  The best part is that the other studio was located at Callao, which was 2 blocks away from my apartment.  Pretty convenient especially when it is cold.

I could not believe how much PAIN I was in the next day.  I think partly it was because I hadn’t worked out in over a month but I know that I was feeling muscles that didn’t even know existed! I have to say that overall Elongación was a great complement for my practice as it helped me understand more my body and push it to the next level… How my awesome teacher Dario puts it: ¡El cuerpo solo conoce máximos… Limite es un termino que no le pertenece! And it is sooo soo true. You put your own limit on yourself because without knowing I was able to do things that I thought I could never do.

I believe in transforming yourself by challenging your mind and body. I keep practicing yoga and unfortunately I haven’t found Elongacion’s classes in NYC but what I have learned at Dynathos will stay present in all my practice….


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